This is a guest post by our friends at Carpet Care Eco Clean, they are a carpet cleaning company based out of Sacramento California.

Are your cleaning products causing allergies?

Over the decades, I have lost count of the times I’ve had to explain to people why, as a person with a dust allergy, I do not dust the house. Stirring it up by using a duster or cleaning product actually gets it in the air and causes an allergic breakout. Of course, if someone else does it instead and I’m out of the house, even better.

Dust is like pollen, it’s an allergy which is hard to avoid. However, research is showing that most households are accidentally causing allergies in their families and especially in children. This can come from over-cleaning, meaning people are not exposed to regular, everyday things, but it can also come from using dangerous cleaning products.

Many American cleaning products include:

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

There are an alternative, more eco-friendly ways to clean your home. These can reduce exposure to chemicals, allow bodies to build up natural tolerances of everyday items and substances, and allow for more natural, healthy lifestyles while still keeping a home free. Indeed, this can be achieved using just white vinegar and lemon juice. To help you understand why those chemicals should be avoided at all costs and to know which natural products to use, take a look at my article on cleaning products which may cause allergies.  Cleaning products to avoid if you have allergies.

Eco Clean offers lighter cleanings to all of our customers. Of course when you need a deep cleaning or when you have to address an area of concern, we are professionals and handle this every single day. What about light duty cleanings? This is something that we do not find in our industry and we pride ourselves on offering them. You do not always need a 12 step carpet cleaning process to do a great job and reduce or eliminate allergies. We have specials that can be found right here on, just click this link and it will take you to our Special Yelp Pricing