Cleanest House Painting Tips

Clean house painting is essential for a good job.

We must make sure that our room is prepped and ready to go.

Make sure to protect all protect all carpeted areas with adequate sheets and protection. Not doing so can make your DIY job a very expensive one and Paintmates recommends this before each job is started.

To add to this, be sure to place masking tape along the skirting boards before any work is started, this will avoid you having to repaint your skirting boards after the work is completed.

Make sure to dust your skirting boards before applying any of the tape. In dusting the skirting boards your tape will stick infinitely better than it would have if you had not.

Mask everything, your skirting boards, light switches and door frames. Everything you don’t plan to paint should be covered with masking tape.

Dusting walls before you start the job means you’ll have a much better finish when your first coat is applied. This entirely depends on the type of material the wall is made out of. When painting outside walls, you may need a pressure washer to iron out any kinks and making the first coat that much smoother.

If you follow all these tips and more, your house painting job will be that much easier and that much more refined. Check out the video below by The Idaho Painter (The number 1 Painter On Youtube) for more helpful hints and tips.


Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders is the content marketing manager at PaintMates. With extensive experience in the home and garden space. Karen researches and writes about home improvement.

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