How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House

That’s a question you are likely asking if you have noticed that your home is in need of painting. When the paint on a house begins to wear out and fade it can make a house look far older and in poorer condition than it really is. In fact, an old paint job can have a significant negative impact on the value of a home. So, even if you are planning on selling your home, it’s still in your best interest to have it painted professionally before putting it up for sale.   

When the time comes to have your home painted in Sydney, it’s important that you only hire a professional to do the job for you. Painting a house is a huge undertaking, it’s the kind of job that is far more difficult to do the right way than it looks like it would be. Unless you are an experienced painter, and have the right tools and equipment, trying to paint a house isn’t a job you should be taking on by yourself.    

The next option you may be considering is hiring a handyman to paint your home for you. A handyman probably has some experience doing this kind of work, and they are typically cheaper than a professional painter is. But, this is one of those cases where you really do tend to get what you pay for. A handyman may do a great job, or they may not. If they don’t you won’t have a lot of legal recourses you can pursue to get your money back. You also have to worry about the risk of them damaging your home, or suffering an injury on your property. In other words, hiring a handyman exposes you to a lot of risks.    

Once you realize that hiring a professional to paint your home is your best option, it’s important that you pick the right professional. You don’t want to go online, search for house painters, and pick the first option that pops up. Unfortunately, there are a lot of house painters out there that are well known for cutting corners and doing substandard work. They may seem like they are doing a great job, but the truth is that later down the road you are going to see signs that they didn’t do the best job for you. Your home’s paint may fade or peel sooner than it should, and there will be other obvious signs that the painters you hired didn’t provide you with top shelf workmanship.    

How Can You Find The Best Deal To Have Your Home Painted In Sydney?    

Whether you need an interior house paint expert, or you need the exterior of your home painted, finding the right company to do the job for you can be a challenge. You could spend a lot of time locating local companies that operate in your area. You could then spend more time doing some research to find out what their past customers think of their work, and what their reputation is. Finally, you could ask for quotes and look at prices to find the best deal. If all of that sounds like a lot of work, it’s because it is a lot of work. If you are like the majority of other people you probably don’t have a lot of free time on your hands. So, when you do find yourself with free time do you really want to spend it looking at house painters? Of course, you don’t. Fortunately, there is a better option available to you.     Let Us Help You   

 If you are looking for the best deal for house painting in Sydney, then our house painting cost estimator is an invaluable resource you should take advantage of. Why waste your valuable time trying to find the right house painting company when we can do the leg work for you? Here at Paintmates we guarantee you that you will get the best price for your house painting job. We take great pride in not only providing people with the best pricing options but also in referring them to only professional painting companies with outstanding reputations. So, when you use our house painting cost estimator you won’t just get a great price, you’ll get connected with a great painter that you can trust to do an outstanding job for you.   

 How Much Should You Expect To Pay?

The cost to have interior house paint or exterior house paint will come down the cost of materials as well as the fee the painter charges you for labor. One thing you definitely want to insist on is having the best quality materials used. Will, it cost you a little more to pay for better paint? It will, but better paint will look better and last longer making it well worth the investment. The next piece of the equation is the labor cost. Typically speaking you should be looking at between about $39 to $45 per hour to have a house painted. So the final cost will depend on the size of your home. A larger home will require more materials and take more time, so it’s reasonable for it to cost you more to paint than a smaller home would.    

Panting Your Home Isn’t An Expense It’s An Investment:

If you look at hiring a professional to paint your home as an expense then it’s probably a bill that you would be happy to avoid. But, painting your home isn’t an expense, it’s an investment in your home. Having your home painted will increase its value and protect it from the elements. When you own a home there is a lot of upkeep involved, and having your home painted on a regular basis is just part of that upkeep. When the time comes to have your home painted again we hope that you’ll contact us at Paintmates so we can help to ensure you get both the best price and highest quality paint job for your home.

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