Make the Most of Old Newspapers with these Awesome Household Uses!

If you’ve been stacking up old newspapers in some corner of your house where they do nothing but collect dust and take up space, you’re probably going to kick yourself when you find out just how useful they can be! Most homeowners have no idea what to do with their daily newspaper after reading it until, one fine day, they stumble upon an article like this!

Today, we’re going to share some awesome ways to put those old newspaper sheets to good use! Besides serving household purposes and being eco-friendly, you have the added perk of finally cutting down that tower of stacked newspapers! Read on for eight, great ways to utilise newspapers around your home.

1. Absorb Pet Pee


When your precious little pet takes a wee on the floor, the quickest way to absorb the moisture (and much of the odour) is by placing 1 or 2 newspaper sheets over it. The controlled level of absorbency makes it a better alternative to paper towels. It is also effective for carpets and rugs; however, it’s important to pick up the papers as soon as they soak up the pee to avoid the possibility of ink running on the material. All you need is a pair of gloves to assist you when using newspaper to clean up pet pee and you’re good to go!

2. Glass Cleaner + Newspaper


Windows, mirrors and glass surfaces; we all have them in our homes. The annoying part, however, is that these surfaces can be magnets for dirt stains! Nevertheless, with a few, old newspaper sheets and a trusty glass cleaner, making these surfaces shine again will be a breeze! All you need to do is spritz the surface and wipe it clean with crushed newspaper sheets. Having just the right level of absorbency and a slight abrasiveness (not enough to leave scratches), a newspaper is the perfect cleaning tool for removing stains from glass.

3. Clean and Buff Counters


Granite counters need to be buffed from time to time; so, what better way to do that than with an all-natural, eco-friendly solution? All it takes is some sprinkled vinegar on the surface and crushed newspaper balls to buff it. For spills and grease spots, consider using newspaper over rags or paper towels to wipe them up. Again, the absorbency is great for soaking up moisture while the texture does well to remove greasiness.

4. Protect Packed/Stored Items


When packing and storing fragile objects or items that require some amount of protection, most people use bubble wrap and/or other protective materials. While they serve their purpose, store-bought packing material is generally non-biodegradable. Newspaper, on the other hand, simulates the use of protective material and is eco-friendly too! For fragile items, it’s advisable to crush the sheets up a wee bit to help them take the shape of the object. Also, it’s a good idea to fill up excess room in the box with crushed newspaper balls for added protection.

5. Use as Shelf Lining


Why spend money on shelf liners for your cupboards, cabinets, drawers and other shelving when you can use old newspaper sheets to serve the exact same purpose? What’s more, you can even use newspaper to line vegetable drawers in your refrigerator to protect them from stains and messy mush caused by rotting veggies.

6. Alternative to House-Training Pads


When house-training your pets, you’ll have to go through packs of litter box pads which can be rather expensive. So, do away with these costly house-training pads and use sheets of newspaper as an effective alternative. Newspaper is great for absorbing the wetness of pet mess and controlling the odour (to some extent).

7. Wrap up Sharp Objects Before Disposing


Accidents happen; glasses slip from your hand, the wind blows over a picture frame and, of course, the occasional elbow nudge knocking over a lamp is inevitable! So, when there are sharp objects to be swept up and disposed of, what do you do? Well, to eliminate the likelihood of shards ripping through your trash bag and injuring someone, it’s best you wrap them up in 2-3 sheets of newspaper before throwing them in the bin.

8. Line Trash Bags


Wet waste can really cause a stench in your trash can; therefore, we suggest lining the trash bag with newspaper to absorb moisture and odours. It also helps to place a sheet of newspaper over freshly disposed of wet waste to contain the odour within the bin. Do this as and when the trash bag start to fill up and you won’t have garbage stinking up the place ever again!

And with that, you can stop kicking yourself and start recycling old newspapers!

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Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders is the content marketing manager at PaintMates. With extensive experience in the home and garden space. Karen researches and writes about home improvement.

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