Need to be More Productive? Paint Your Office the Right Colour!

Every individual struggles with a lack of productivity at some point; the only difference is that not everyone can pinpoint the reason behind it. If you find yourself sitting in your office, feeling content in both, your personal and work life, yet can’t seem to get any work done, there’s a good chance that the colour of your workspace is causing a creative block. 


Yes, it is a proven fact that colours not only have the power to influence our mood, but also impact the way we work. This is primarily because the two go hand in hand; i.e. your mood has a direct effect on your willingness to work productively. Furthermore, studies show that certain colours increase productivity while others provide little to no brain stimulation. For the skeptics, there is plenty of research out there to prove these theories and convince you to transform your workplace into a productive hub with a fresh coat of paint (in the right colour)!


Here is a look at the best office painting colours to improve productivity among the whole team!

1. Teal

A teal coloured painted fence

A cross between green and blue, teal is like having the best of both worlds. To begin with, it is a beautiful colour that enhances the aesthetic appeal of an office; secondly, where increasing productivity is concerned, teal improves one’s focus and efficiency while also lowering stress levels. With that said, teal is a strong colour on its own and hence, should be used in combination with a neutral colour to avoid overshadowing other elements in the office.

2. Yellow

A wall painted yellow

As a fresh and energising colour, yellow is said to get your creative juices flowing while keeping your spirit up. It is a popular choice of colour in offices that are all about creating and innovating, or where there are writers, artists, and designers working. Bear in mind that yellow comes in several shades, many of which can have a different effect on one’s mood. Bright yellow can be overbearing if not broken up by another colour while lemon or pastel yellows work well on their own. 

3. Blue

A blue wood door

When it comes to blue painted office walls, picking the right shade is important. Since blue (especially lighter shades) has a calming effect on the mind, it is an appropriate colour to have in offices where there is high-pressure work involved. A medium blue is a happy colour which increases focus and efficiency (like green and teal); darker blues, on the other hand, are said to stimulate the mind which increases productivity. 

4. Green

A green painted house with a green door

The colour of trees and one of Mother Nature’s most prominent colours, green walls in the workplace are peaceful and help to enhance one’s thought process. Like teal and light or medium blue, it also improves focus and efficiency. In offices with a lot of natural light, medium or dark shades of green are a good choice while lime green is best suited for smaller, dimly-lit workspaces. 

5. Red

A red painted wooden fence

Red painted walls help to keep employees active and alert in the office. This means less procrastinating which, in turn, encourages productivity. It is a high-wavelength colour that signifies many things (love, passion, warnings, etc) and is considered to be an intense colour. Red tends to bring about a sense of urgency which promotes a ‘get straight to work’ kind of work environment.

6. Purple

A paint roller painting an orange wall purple

With purple, you pull red’s energy and blue’s calmness, so what do you get? A good balance of the two! Purple is also a royal colour which helps to boost self-esteem and confidence which leads to positive thinking. When you are in the right state of mind at your workplace, it has a positive impact on how productive you are. As a bonus, purple painted walls will put your office in a league of its own!

7. Brown

A brown styled office with wood furnishings

Earthy brown tones convey a sense of seriousness, coupled with professionalism. This combination works perfectly in an office where the mood is typically all business and requires a great deal of concentration. You are able to be more productive because the colour that surrounds you is in no way a distraction and helps you stay focused. Brown painted walls are fairly common in lawyers’ offices, government offices, and the likes. 

8. Orange

Orange Concrete Building

The use of orange in an office setting can be tricky. For whatever reason, some individuals seem to not like the colour at all which makes their workplace less appealing to them; this can be bad for productivity. On the other hand, orange hues encourage activeness and enthusiasm, both of which are good for productivity. If your office space is for you alone (and you don’t have a problem with the colour), orange is a great choice to help keep yourself actively engrossed in your work.


For every profession and every office, there is a colour (or multiple) that will get you and your employees working away! So, don’t rush your decision; put some thought into it and pick the perfect colour scheme that will boost productivity for a successful office environment!

Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders is the content marketing manager at PaintMates. With extensive experience in the home and garden space. Karen researches and writes about home improvement.

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