A quality paint job speaks for itself. Achieving one, however, requires the expertise of trained professionals, premium paints, and the knowledge to paint different surfaces to perfection. This is particularly important when it comes to bathroom painting because of the wear and tear that walls are prone to in such damp and humid conditions. At Paintmates, we factor in all the potential risks and damages caused to bathroom wall paint, ensuring that you are treated to a high-quality paint job like no other.

Our Sydney-based bathroom painting services include the workmanship of highly skilled and experienced house painters, the use of deluxe paints, and prompt customer service. Our aim is to vow clients and keep them happy and satisfied with a superior paint job that will last for years to come!

We Make Bathrooms Stand Out!

While bathroom fittings and wall/floor tiles matter, it’s the colour and the type of paint used that pulls everything together. A poor finish by an inexperienced paint contractor can drag the whole room down, while a quality job can make it stand out in the best way possible. We at Paintmates excel at creating stunning visuals in bathrooms of all sizes by providing the perfect finish to your walls.

With a keen eye for mixing and matching colours, our excellent painters can guide you through your selection of paint shades and textures if you are all out of ideas. The goal is to make your bathroom look uniquely beautiful with the right type of paint for the job, and thoroughly trained professionals to get it done.

How We Work

Before the work begins, we will sit down with you to understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve with your bathroom painting project. If you have any questions regarding the work or paints used, feel free to ask away! Once we’ve got the green light from you, we will begin our work by ensuring that all fittings and bathroom components are protected from paint drips. This also includes your bathroom wall tiles, floors and windows.

In the most careful and professional manner, we will begin prepping the walls for your bathroom painting project. This will include cleaning the surface, applying a sealant to any cracks, and priming the wall. Once the surface is properly prepped (and dried), the bathroom painting can begin. Owing to the considerable experience and training our professional painters possess, you can expect the your bathroom painting project to be completed in a timely manner. Post-painting, clients are welcome to reach out to us for any grievances or additional work required.


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Premium Paints Suited For Bathroom Conditions

When it comes to bathroom painting, we only use the most suitable paints that are guaranteed to withstand bathroom conditions. Because bathrooms are generally humid and damp for long periods of time, the walls are prone to mould and mildew. At Paintmates, we understand which paints are suited for bathrooms, and which aren’t. Therefore, you can rest assured that the type of paint we use will keep fungus from growing on bathroom walls and ruining the paint finish.

Apart from selecting premium, mould-resistant paints, we also ensure that the finish is easy to clean if/when stains do present themselves. Semi-gloss or gloss paints for bathroom painting is generally advised as these smooth finishes have a higher resistance to stains. At Paintmates, every decision you make is cross-checked with our house painting experts to ensure that your selection of paints will lead to the outcome you are expecting. Book a Sydney bathroom painting with Paintmates today for a quality paint job that stands out, and stands the test of time!


Without a doubt, the Paintmates team was fantastic. They were prompt, friendly, very detailed in painting and organization. If you’re looking for prompt and reliable service, choose this one.

Alexander Papadopolous

Without a doubt, the Paintmates team was fantastic. They were prompt, friendly, very detailed in painting and organization. If you’re looking for prompt and reliable service, choose this one.

Amit Saini



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