If it’s true that we “eat with our eyes”, it’s only fair to desire a dining room that creates the perfect setting to complement your food! This, of course, begins with the colour, texture and quality of the room’s wall paint. For a dining room painting service in Sydney that will guarantee the most desirable finish to your walls against all odds, look no further than Paintmates!
We may be one out of hundreds of paint contractors around; however, Paintmates continues to stand out amongst competitors in more ways than one. For starters, our dining room painting services include the best products and painters in the business! By combining premium paints with highly qualified painters, we can achieve a gorgeous, high-quality paint finish on every occasion.

A Paint Job That’s A Cut Above The Rest!

A Sydney house painting project calls for an experienced and reputed company to ensure that your home is in the hands of trusted and skilled workers. When you hire Paintmates, you are guaranteed of a dining room paint job that stands out in a stunning way! With just a glance, the quality of our workmanship is evident! Our painters strive for perfection with every job that comes their way, leaving you with dining room walls that are sure to wow you and your guests.
Backed by a 100% guarantee, Paintmates offers excellent customer service even after a job is complete. Therefore, you can rest assured that your dining room painting needs will be met by the end of the service. Our painters possess the expertise and hands-on experience needed to complete house painting projects to the customer’s satisfaction no matter how challenging they may be.

How We Work

With Paintmates, there are no shortcuts. We believe that close attention to detail is what separates great paint jobs from good ones. Starting with the necessary cleaning and preparation of your dining room walls, Paintmates is extremely careful to complete each step using the right techniques and products. After all, the perfect finish cannot be achieved without the perfect foundation. We also take every measure required to protect surrounding areas from paint drips or spills.

Of course, our work does not begin until we have understood the type of finish you are hoping to achieve with your dining room painting project. Thereafter, we will assess the area and walls, giving you our personal input and any guidance you may need to reach your final decision. Our goal is to make your wishes come true by providing a dining room painting service that exceeds your expectation. Unlike the average house painting service in Sydney, Paintmates spares the extra time needed to fully understand what customers are looking to achieve, and uses premium products and highly skilled hands to deliver the results.


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Why Choose Our Dining Room Painting Services

When it comes to interior house painting, compromising on quality is simply not an option. Luckily for Sydneysiders, you can have your dining room painted by a reputable company like Paintmates, at an affordable rate! We are not your typical house painting service that is looking to make a quick buck, but instead, one that will use all the tools and skills at our disposal to ensure that customers get their moneys’ worth.
On top of this, you should know that we have spent a great deal of time in bringing together Sydney’s best and most trustworthy painters around. More importantly, they are highly experienced in painting home interiors across the city and, till date, have received positive feedback. Yes, Paintmates offers dining room painting services that are guaranteed to leave you with nothing but nice things to say about the end results and overall experience with us!


Without a doubt, the Paintmates team was fantastic. They were prompt, friendly, very detailed in painting and organization. If you’re looking for prompt and reliable service, choose this one.

Alexander Papadopolous

Without a doubt, the Paintmates team was fantastic. They were prompt, friendly, very detailed in painting and organization. If you’re looking for prompt and reliable service, choose this one.

Amit Saini



Licensed professional, local, master painters


All paint, supplies and labour rolled up into one price


Dedicated project managers for each and every project


We only use high-quality Dulux paints


We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our work is not complete until you are completely happy


Our qualified crews handle everything end-to-end from setup to cleanup