Exterior Painting Service


Every building and home deserves a gorgeous, high-quality exterior paint job! It’s one of the most important aspects of any structure that can either make or break its overall appearance. We say this because nothing ruins the aesthetics of a structure’s design quite like a poor paint finish! For that reason, Paintmates offers exterior painting services that WILL NOT compromise on quality in any shape or form!

We are a determined team of professional and certified painters, with many years of experience in painting all kinds of exteriors around Sydney, Australia. Our skill and expertise in the paint industry allow us to power through projects and provide A++ results regardless of what challenges we are faced with. Yes, at Paintmates, we do what it takes (and more) to ensure that you, the customer, are beyond happy and satisfied with the final result!


Exterior painting is a vast and varied service that Paintmates covers entirely. Buildings and homes have many different exterior materials, all of which require unique prepping measures, different types of paints and techniques in order to achieve the perfect finish. Well, we take all of that into consideration when working on any exterior paint project.

There are also certain factors that affect the outcome of an exterior paint job which include temperatures, winds, dust, humidity levels, etc. This is where Paintmates clearly stands out from the competition! Having encountered harsh weather conditions and several obstacles during past exterior paint projects, we still managed to complete our job to the satisfaction of our customers! We truly pride ourselves on being an all-round exterior painting service that is always eager to serve you!


Wood, vinyl, stucco, aluminium; you name it, our painters have painted it! From the get-go, we were careful to hire only the most qualified and experienced painters around Sydney to make up a team of professionals like no other!

With our extensive knowledge and experience in home and commercial exterior painting, Paintmates can confidently guarantee 110% satisfaction on every occasion! What’s more, to ensure that you or your property are never at risk, we make sure that all our painters are thoroughly vetted, insured and bonded.


To begin, we will have a thorough discussion with you to get a crystal clear idea of what you are looking to achieve with your exterior painting goals. From there, we will give you our feedback and list what factors to consider when choosing the colours and types of paint (these are two major aspects of the project that will impact the final result). With the help of our professional input and your unique ideas, Paintmates will finalise every last detail with you before getting on with the service.

You should also know that we are willing to work around your personal schedule to ensure that your day-to-day activities are not disrupted in a major way. Here is a brief look at how Paintmates goes about standard, professional exterior painting of homes and commercial structures:

  • Any and everything in the “splash zone” or “drip zone” is covered for protection
  • The surface is cleaned thoroughly; special attention is given to mould and mildew (if any)
  • Cracks and holes are filled and sealed efficiently
  • If needed, caulking or waterproofing of windows will be done
  • An appropriate primer is applied
  • Premium paints and leading industry paint tools are used

Bear in mind, each of these tasks is carried out with complete professionalism and a deep understanding of outdoor elements that affect the overall appearance and quality of the finish.

Thanks to this knowledge; the sheer determination and skillful hands of our painters; the use of only the best quality paints and equipment on the market; and years of experience under our belts; Paintmates never fails deliver exterior painting results that blow the competition away!