As one of the most active rooms in the house, it’s no surprise that homeowners are extra careful about the way they design and decorate their kitchen. More importantly, the choice of wall paints and finding a reputable Sydney kitchen painting service are of critical importance when looking to achieve a unique and desirable finish. Owing to our many years of experience in the business, combined with professional and highly skilled painters, we here at Paintmates have everything it takes to meet your expectations!

From the extreme caution taken when preparing the walls for the perfect finish, to the quality of paints used; we guarantee a professional paint job like no other. Our goal is to provide a Sydney kitchen painting service that will leave you in awe and, more importantly, stand the test of time.

Wall Painting + Kitchen Cabinet Painting

For an all-round kitchen painting service in Sydney that will bring the room to life with beautiful colours, textures, and a stunning finish, Paintmates are your guys! We offer both, kitchen cabinet painting and wall painting services, so that you don’t have to look elsewhere to complete your kitchen painting project. We all know that the perfect wall paint finish should be complemented with a gorgeous kitchen cabinet paint job which is exactly what you can expect from Paintmates!

Whether you’re looking to keep things plain and simple, or unique and contrasting, leave it our house painting professionals to help you achieve your dream kitchen with a stunning paint job. What’s more, we will sit down with you and discuss the most suitable paint options for you to help you reach an informed decision. The pros and cons of choosing certain types of paints, colours, and textures, will influence your final decision and hence, we make sure that you are aware of them from the get-go.

Close Attention To Detail

From start to finish, Paintmates pays minute attention to detail to achieve the perfect end result. It all begins by ensuring that all surrounding areas are protected from paint drips or spills. Rest assured that your floor, splashback tiles and any wall-mounted fixtures will be covered entirely with plastic sheeting. Where cracks or holes in the wall are concerned, our trusted professionals will carefully fill them in before preparing the surface for the next step. A super smooth end result is a given unless our clients are looking for a textured finish.

Preparation of the walls/cabinets are handled safely and effectively with the use of high quality products. This includes cleaning the surface and the application of a quality primer. Without paying close attention to detail every step of the way, a smooth, desirable finish cannot be achieved. No one understands this better than Paintmates – your go-to, all-round kitchen painting service in Sydney!


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Why We Offer The Best Kitchen & Cabinet Painting Service

While there are several paint contractors in and around Sydney, we choose to separate ourselves from competitors in more ways than one. Firstly, we spare a little extra time to really listen to our clients’ preferences and what they are aiming to achieve with their kitchen painting project. Secondly, Paintmates is 110% transparent in all dealings which includes the use of premium paints/products, costing, final quotes, customer service and muc more.
Along with the above, our team is made up of Sydney’s best and most experienced house painters around! From the beginning, we have worked tirelessly to put together a group of trained and skilled professional painters that will go the extra mile for the perfect finish! With a highly qualified staff like Paintmates’, you can rest assured that your Sydney kitchen and cabinet painting will be handled to your satisfaction.


Without a doubt, the Paintmates team was fantastic. They were prompt, friendly, very detailed in painting and organization. If you’re looking for prompt and reliable service, choose this one.

Alexander Papadopolous

Without a doubt, the Paintmates team was fantastic. They were prompt, friendly, very detailed in painting and organization. If you’re looking for prompt and reliable service, choose this one.

Amit Saini



Licensed professional, local, master painters


All paint, supplies and labour rolled up into one price


Dedicated project managers for each and every project


We only use high-quality Dulux paints


We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our work is not complete until you are completely happy


Our qualified crews handle everything end-to-end from setup to cleanup