When it’s time to paint your living room walls, nothing less than a quality finish is acceptable! After all, everyone dreams of creating beautiful home interiors that they can grow old in. Luckily, at Paintmates, we’ve got what it takes to make those dreams come true! A satisfactory experience like no other is guaranteed when you hire our Sydney-based, house painting services! We are committed to providing only the best living room paint jobs in the city by combining the skills of highly trained professionals with premium paints.
By paying close attention to our clients’ wall painting goals, the experienced hands and high quality products at our disposal allow Paintmates to achieve them on every occasion.
Unlike the average paint contractor, it is our top priority to go above and beyond to give your living room walls a stunning finish that will last for years on end!


To put it simply, Paintmates is here to do a paint job that will not only meet your expectations with regard to the visual aspect, but one that will surpass them in terms of quality. To achieve this, we arrange a sit down with our clients to have a crystal clear understanding of what they are hoping to create with their living room painting project. With these goals firmly in mind, our excellent house painting staff will begin transforming your living room walls right before your eyes!

Of course, before the painting starts, measures are taken to protect any surrounding areas and furniture from paint drips. Thereafter, your living room walls will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for a truly professional paint finish. Thanks to the considerable experience and intensive training our house painters have under their belts, you can expect your living room painting project to be completed in a timely and professional manner.

Why We Offer The Best Living Room Painting Service

If you’ve had a bad experience with a paint contractor in the past, chances are that they were more concerned about getting paid than getting the paint job done to your satisfaction. That’s where Paintmates separates itself from the competition. We believe that a paint job is incomplete until and unless the client is happy with the end result. This is achieved by having a proper understanding of what our clients are visualizing for their living room walls, and going the extra mile to meet this expectation.

On top of this, Paintmates’ high quality standards ensure that everything from our paint staff, to the tools and paints used, is the best in the business. You can also expect prompt customer service which includes responding queries or complaints after the painting is complete. Our staff is trained to take quick action to ensure that you are not inconvenienced in any way when dealing with Paintmates.


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We Take Care Of All Living Room Painting Needs

Regardless of your living room’s size, or the challenges that may come with painting it, rest assured that Paintmates possesses the knowhow, experience and professionalism to handle it. Till date, we have extended our Sydney house painting services to several homes across the city and have been humbled by the positive feedback received.
We believe in providing an all-round service that will take care of your living room painting needs from start to finish so you needn’t look any further! Let your imagination run wild and trust that Paintmates will bring your living room walls to life with a spectacular paint finish.


Without a doubt, the Paintmates team was fantastic. They were prompt, friendly, very detailed in painting and organization. If you’re looking for prompt and reliable service, choose this one.

Alexander Papadopolous

Without a doubt, the Paintmates team was fantastic. They were prompt, friendly, very detailed in painting and organization. If you’re looking for prompt and reliable service, choose this one.

Amit Saini



Licensed professional, local, master painters


All paint, supplies and labour rolled up into one price


Dedicated project managers for each and every project


We only use high-quality Dulux paints


We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our work is not complete until you are completely happy


Our qualified crews handle everything end-to-end from setup to cleanup