The Evolution of Household Dusting Tools Takes us Back to the Basics!

The way we clean dust from our homes has evolved tremendously! Gone are the days when feather dusters and rags were the only household dusting tools we opted for. Today, you can find all kinds of dust-removal alternatives on the market that claim to outshine the other! Regular dust cloths, hand-held dust-busters and everything in between; choosing dusting tools for your home has never been more confusing!


With options by the dozens and claims to make household dusting quicker and more effective than ever, it’s easy to get fooled into spending a little more than a couple of extra bucks to give these products a go. However, if you take the time to read this article, you’ll see why going back to the basics is for the best! Below is a list of common household items that, when used on the right surface, can be highly effective and economical for all your household dusting needs. Read on!


  1. Dryer Sheets for Screens


You can’t wipe electronic screens with just any type of cloth or duster. Your dusting tool must be soft and effective in picking up dust from the surface without leaving any scratches and/or smudges. For this reason, we’ve come to find that dryer sheets work perfectly well to remove dust quickly and safely from all types of screens including televisions, computers, tabs/iPads, etc. Best of all, the electrostatic charge they create helps to repel dust!


  1. Wet Wipes for Remotes/Keyboards


The dust between remotes, keyboards and other narrow spaces can be tough to get out. While you may think an old toothbrush will do the trick, you’re mistaken. The problem with using an old toothbrush or paintbrush is that the bristles tend to push more dust into the space between buttons/keys as opposed to removing the debris. Therefore, we advise using wet wipes to gently clean up your remotes and keyboards by folding one multiple times and using the pointed corners to clean. In this manner, a single wet wipe can be used to clean multiple items with narrow spaces!


  1. Cotton Gloves for Knickknacks


Picking up each knickknack and wiping it with a dust cloth or any other dusting tool is time-consuming and not always effective. As an alternative, put in a pair of cotton gloves and wipe up small objects with your hands to save yourself a whole lot of time! Of course, for best results, you’ll need to stick your hands outside a window or door and clap to get rid of dust from the gloves as and when needed.


  1. Rubber Gloves for Upholstery


If you don’t have a hand-held dust buster or aren’t in the mood to pull out your vacuum cleaner, consider using rubber gloves to clean dusty upholstery. By gliding your hands over the material, you’ll quickly see how dust, fur and debris sticks to the rubber. For more effectiveness, dampen the gloves and rinse them out at intervals as you continue to remove dust.


  1. Old Socks for Furniture


If you need to wipe shelves and other furniture pieces quickly and effectively, wear an old sock over your hand and go about household dusting with ease! It’s more convenient than fumbling around with a dust cloth and actually kind of fun! Like cotton gloves, you will need to dust the socks off at intervals to avoid transferring dirt back onto the surface. This recycled dust tool is perfect for cleaning blinds and windowsill rails.


  1. Microfibre Cloths for Various Surfaces


From cane furniture and glass to granite and wood; microfibre cloths are highly effective in picking up dust from any surface around the house. Because of their static charge, dust clings to the cloth with just one, quick swipe! What’s more, when used in combination with the right cleaning solution, microfibre cloths do better than most cleaning tools currently on the market! For example, you can clean glass surfaces efficiently by using a microfibre cloth dampened with a solution of four parts water and one part fabric softener.


So, before you think of buying that pricey, ten-in-one pack of dusting tools you saw on the internet, take a look around your home and give the ‘basics’ a whirl for your future household dusting needs!

Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders is the content marketing manager at PaintMates. With extensive experience in the home and garden space. Karen researches and writes about home improvement.

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