Tiny Apartment Getting You Down? Here’s How to Spruce it Up!

On the one hand, small living spaces are cozy and homely; on the other, the lack of storage space and limited room for décor can be really frustrating! While it’s rather tricky to get the most out of a small apartment with such limitations, there is still an endless number of possibilities to spruce it up!


With a few, clever decisions, you can make a tiny apartment less cramped, more functional and entirely beautiful! Wondering how? Well, we’ve got the best of the best ideas right here! Read on for nine effective ways to spruce up a small apartment!


  1. Double-Duty Furniture Pieces


If you live in a small apartment, double-duty furniture is a must! The added storage space and functionality is just what tiny homes need to ensure that they aren’t cramped up with excess furniture. Some of the most popular and useful double-duty furniture pieces are:


  • Sofa-cum-beds
  • Storage benches/stools
  • Murphy beds
  • Sleeper chairs
  • Dresser-cum-nightstands
  • Storage tables
  • Beds with storage drawers
  • Flat storage shoe stands


Remember, every little or big chunk of space that is freed up can make a world of difference to a small apartment!


  1. Glass/Mirror Surfaces


The addition of furniture with either glass or mirror creates the illusion of more space. Transparent surfaces and reflections can instantly make rooms appear larger and more airy because you don’t see a solid piece of furniture. On top of that, they brighten up a room by reflecting light and are aesthetically pleasing as well!


  1. Wall-Mounted/Ceiling Light Fixtures


Lamps are beautiful and double as decorative pieces in households; however, they tend to take up surface space and create a more cluttered appearance. With ceiling lamps or wall-mounted fixtures, you get to utilise dead space while illuminating specific areas of the room (or the entire room, if you choose). The best part is that you have thousands of options to choose from, each with their own unique style, shape and size.


  1. Foldable Screens


Particularly when you have guests, privacy can be an issue. For example, if your kitchen is attached to your dining or living room, it may be a little uncomfortable to carry out kitchen work with your guests watching you. This is where foldable screens come in; they take up very little space while providing just the right amount of privacy needed to stay out of sight. What’s more, there are many intricate and decorative screens available to spruce up your apartment space!


  1. Window Blinds


While curtains do well to enhance the beauty of interiors, they can also make your small apartment look more ‘full’ and less airy. Window blinds, on the other hand, are compact and allow more light inside when raised. Again, you are treated to plenty of styles, sizes and colours to match your existing interior decor.


  1. Choose Bright Colours


Right from the colour of your walls to that of your upholstery; bright colours will bring your tiny apartment to life! The thing about a small apartment is that it is cozy and homely without even trying; hence, warm or dark tones will make your living space appear even smaller. So, we advise mixing light tones with bright colours for an overall homely yet lively appearance!


  1. Corner Space


Spruce up your tiny apartment by making use of corner spaces. While tall lamps, plants and decorative items can utilise corner spaces to beautify a room, a corner showcase with glassware and just the right lighting can create a stunning visual and focal point in your small apartment!


  1. Small Wall Art


A small apartment calls for small wall art or wall hangings. When you see less of a room’s walls, it immediately appears smaller; hence, large picture frames or wall-mounted art is a no-no! Spruce up your small living space by choosing pieces in accordance with the size of the room and place them strategically to ensure that walls aren’t crowded with art, light fixtures and other items.


  1. De-clutter!


It’s hard to keep a small living space from looking cluttered; however, it certainly isn’t impossible! Sprucing up your apartment can be as simple as cleaning up and de-cluttering. The easiest way to achieve a clutter-free home is by creating enough storage space (this is where double-duty furniture helps significantly). Apart from this, it’s important to live by the “less is more” philosophy. Having more possessions than you need requires more storage units which, in turn, end up crowding up your home. So, get rid of the things you don’t need, think twice before you purchase something unnecessary and de-clutter your home when you forget to do either of the two!


Take our advice and don’t let a tiny apartment get you down when all it takes are these simple tips to spruce it up! If you’re looking to really spruce up your home, painting it can really do the trick. You can increase the overall value of your home.

Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders is the content marketing manager at PaintMates. With extensive experience in the home and garden space. Karen researches and writes about home improvement.

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